Message from the Moshpit | Message from the Moshpit

In November 2013, I had a digital projection exhibition at Manhattan Wine Bar in Launceston as part of the Holographic Lounge Room Experience. This initiative provides a cost-free way for photographers and digital artists to have their work seen, and it was my first opportunity to display my work publicly.

I chose a broad range of works for the exhibition, including both traditional photos, and some of my more experimental works, and also tried to get a good balance of high profile acts along with local bands that would appeal to a Launceston audience. The 76 images here ran on a 12-minute loop, accompanied by a selection of music.

The exhibition was opened by local artist and music aficionado Lena Lindblad, and we had art, photography and music lovers from Launceston and Sydney in attendance.
Iggy PopHorehoundThe ScientistsRobert PlantMelbourne Ska OrchestraBeasts of BourbonTrombone ShortyBen Harper & Charlie MusselwhiteThe StickmenHorehoundMelbourne Ska OrchestraTrombone ShortyYou Am ITarrant AndersonHorehoundThe BreakBad TasteThe DronesGuthrieThe Hives