Message from the Moshpit | MOFO Bushfire Fundraiser Concert

A few days into the New Year of 2013, fires devastated the Tasman Peninsula. A last minute, all-star lineup fundraising concert was tacked onto the end of the MONA FOMA festival, raising thousands of dollars and turning into one of the highlights of the festival.
Neil GaimanJherek Bischoff & Brian RitchieJherek Bischoff & Brian RitchieDavid ByrneDavid ByrneKate Miller-HeidkeKate Miller-HeidkeKeir Nuttall guitarist for Kate Miller-HeidkeKate Miller-HeidkeKate Miller-HeidkeBrian Ritchie, The BreakBrian Ritchie, The BreakBrian Ritchie & Jim Moginie - The BreakRob Hirst - The BreakBrian Ritchie - The BreakSpencer P JonesSpencer P JonesEvan DandoRick Grossman - Hoodoo GurusHoodoo Gurus - Brad Shepherd